KWARTZ – Reinforced Control – Ep 2021

Intense, Dense, Metallic, Raw

"Greyish storms of techno, steely elements and resounding frequencies"

Links: Kwartz – Label: Trauma Collective
Pole Group member and Order & Devotion main man Mario Campos aka Kwartz is a producer and dj from Madrid, based in Berlin.

MODERNPHASE – Neandertal – Ep 2020

Dense, Raw, Eclectic

"Raw, unclassifiable (and funny) primitivism, bizarre electro and Neanderthals dancing in a ravine"

Links: Modernphase – Label: Espacio Cielo
Modernphase is one of the projects of Kali (Luis G.VallespĂ­n): audio engineer, producer, dj and blogger.

MALARKI – X7e4 – Ep 2020

Experimental / Industrial
Dense, Raw, Abstract

"A sombre dissonant continuous transmission of signals, soundscapes, tremors and rhythmic sonic rituals"

Links: Malarki – Label: Errorgrid
Malarki is the experimental electronic music project by Patrick Coleman (from Oakland, California).