SOMBRE LUX – Doorways – Ep 2022

Electronic / Dark Industrial
Dark, Intense, Disquieting

"Bionic darkness and sombre sonic stories of tortuous beauty "

Links: Sombre Lux – Label: Errorgrid Records
Sombre Lux is a multi-instrumentalist, sound designer and composer from Eugene, Oregon.

NOIZTATIC – Decapitation Of Sacrificed Hearts – Ep 2019

Dark Industrial / Dark Ambient
Dark, Dense

"Slow electronic rituals of sinuous darkness and distant magnificence"

Links: Noiztatic – Label: Larmes
Noiztatic is an electronic music project by Egyptian producers Amr El Abiad and Khaled Weshahy.

THE UNDERPROJECT – Macabre – Single 2020

Dark – Industrial / Techno
Dark, Intense

"A massive processing of majestic darkness, pounding techno, noisy machinery and alarming melodies"

The Underproject is an Italian Dj and Producer. “Go” is his fitfh single on the Italian label Darkcrow Records.

HYPERLACRIMAE – Yoga Darśana – Album 2020

Dark-Industrial / Industrial / Post-Industrial
Dark, Intense, Blunt, Hypnotic, Tribal

"A vibrating and primitive industrial ritual of overwhelming and insane darkness, oneiric majesty and gloomy percussive power"

Links: Hyperlacrimae – Label: Infidel Bodies
HYPERLACRIMAE is an Italian duo (Nocturnerror + 11xxx27). “Yoga Darśana” (Infidel Bodies, 2020) includes nine tracks and three remixes by Shrouds, Impure Secretion and Scarpa. Available in digital format and cassette.