FALLEN ASTRONAUT – FA-1: Gravity Hurts – Digital Album 2021

Cosmic / Synthwave / Electronic Music
Dense, Enigmatic, Majestic, Melancholic

"Space heroism, tragedy and retro synth music full of majesty and nostalgia"

Fallen Astronaut is a project by Vlad Shusterman (Jerusalem) inspired by space synth music from the 70’s and early 80’s. Read here also about his other project Ghost Bike.

STAATSEINDE – Darüber Reden Wir Nicht – Ep 2020

Synthwave / EBM / “Neue Niederländische Welle”
Intense, Blunt, Turbulent, Disturbing, Exciting, Rebellious, Non-Conformist, Eclectic

"Synths, rhythms and electronic alien punks as the agitators and subversive sounds in a dystopian society in permanent state of alarm"

Links: Staatseinde – Label: Lo Phi Forms Records
Staatseinde is a Dutch trio founded in 2006. “Darüber Reden Wir Nicht” (Lo Phi Forms Records, 2020) is their third ep, though they have released material on all formats.