Statement About The Change Of Name

SELECTIONS OF ELECTRONIC MUSIC is now SECUENCIA DENSA. I have finally decided to change the name and domain of the blog in order to focus on certain types of electronic music. The kind of electronic music I love is more of the dense, dark or even melancholic type and similar things (in a very wide sense; it’s not simply “dark electronic music”…) and I pretend to do a blog only about the styles I really feel passion for. “Selections Of Electronic Music” transmits a more general idea and the name can be confusing; I choose to be more specialized and I think the name Secuencia Densa (Spanish for “Dense Sequence”) reflects better this focus. All the posts I have included until now in Selections are still on Secuencia Densa. I will remove those posts that are not related to the definitive musical concept of Secuencia Densa. Anyway, I won’t remove a big number of posts, because the general tendency in SOEM always has been that of the music concept of Secuencia Densa. Please notice that all the social networks profiles for Secuencia Densa are new, so if you followed SOEM in any of them don’t forget to follow Secuencia Densa in the social network you prefer.

Héctor Noble